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Hot air balloons advertising
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Aerial advertising
Aerial advertising is a basic promotional tool. From our experience, we know that the hot air balloon is an excellent advertising support able to compete with the traditional means thanks to its low cost and it great performance. It is an original, creative and spectacular way of advertising that is being used increasingly between firms. There are two possibilities of flight: the free and captive flights.

Free and captive flights, special shape balloons. Aerial advertising. Free and captive flights, special shape balloons.

Free and captive flights
The free flight is a way of advertising and promotion, ideal when there are great public concentrations and communication Medias. The hot air balloon, covered with the logotype of the firm, gains height and overflies a large area or a city in front of the watchful eyes among those present. It is a really shocking and spectacular flight technique.
The captive flight, on the other hand, consists on fixing the hot air balloon into a system of anchorages so as it enables the passengers to fly up to a certain height. This modality is normally used in specific events such as festivals, concerts, fairs and it usually has great expectation from the public.

Special Shape Balloons
One of the most daring advertising options is the one suggested by the Special Shape Balloons. It is about building a hot air balloon with the form that represents the product advertised. In the aerial hot air balloon market we find all kind of forms and formats: animal figures, vehicles, various objects, etc. The unique limit that we set is the imagination.

Globubolg coordinates all the elaboration process of the hot air balloon, from the technical and logistical advice to the design and building of the sail, always with the confidence of prestigious firms in the aerial hot air balloon sector.

Free and captive flights, special shape balloons. Aerial advertising.

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