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Hot air balloon
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Hot air balloon: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?

What is Globubolg?
Globubolg (palindrome that makes you think about the gentle movement of a balloon) is a company that specialises in activities of ballooning. We have a great experience in leisure flights for passengers and we specialise in hot air balloon advertising as well. Moreover, our passion for flying has brought us to participate in nationwide expeditions in the Amazon, Morocco, the Sahara...

How hot air balloon works?
One of its most appealing features is that it flies following the same principle as the first balloon, built at the end of the XVIII century by the Montgolfier brothers. The operation is very simple: warmer air rises in cooler air. This is because hot air is lighter than cool air; the balloon ascends because it has warm air trapped on the envelope and, as its air is warmer and denser that the air outside the envelope, the balloon rises. To keep the balloon in the air and rising, hot air needs to be propelled upwards into the envelope. To move the balloon downwards, we need to cool down the air.

Is it safe to fly in a hot air balloon?
Flying with a hot air balloon is a very safe and peaceful activity. Hot air balloons are simple equipments both in its form and its working, so it is strange that something fails.

Moreover, the pilots of the hot air balloon are professionals. They have passed courses, trainings and exams. In addition, hot air balloons are frequently checked.

Can I participate in a hot air balloon experience if I have vertigo or if I get sick?
Having vertigo or being a person likely to get sick has not to be an obstacle to fly in a hot air balloon. During the flight, the movement of the balloon is almost not perceived. This is because, once the balloon has ascended, it becomes part of the wind. Up in the balloon we feel serenity, peace and, above all, absolute safety. 

How many persons can go up in a balloon?
Our hot air balloons welcome a maximum of 8 passengers. To do the activity, we need a minimum of four passengers. 

Can kids go up in the balloon?
Everyone can participate in a hot air balloon flight. However, the advisable minimum age is between 3 or 4 years.

What is the best season to fly in balloon?
The truth is that we are lucky and we can enjoy from a hot air balloon flight at any time during the year, there is not a better or a worse season.

The passenger will be the one to choose what he wants to see up in the balloon: the beautiful fields full of spring flowers, the bright and clear landscape of in summertime, the marvellous autumn colours or the snow-covered mountains in winter.

What should I wear?
Do not forget to bring your camera: you will enjoy such stunning views. It is a great opportunity to immortalize the amazing views and show them afterwards.

We advise you to wear appropriate clothes according to the time of the year as well as comfortable footwear. 

Is it cold up there?
The temperature is colder once the hot air balloon has ascended, but not much colder than on the ground. But anyway, when we fly in a hot air balloon, we become part of the air and therefore, the cold sensation diminishes. We do not have to forget that, during the flight, the burner will provide us heat.

Which types of flights are there?
Globubolg offers two flight options: the discovery hot air balloon flight and the crossing hot air balloon flight.

The discovery hot air balloon flight is the most common one and it can take place in different Catalan regions (la Cerdanya, l’Empordà, Osona, el Solsonès or el Vallès Oriental). In those flights we fly at more than 1000 meters altitude.

The crossing hot air balloon flight takes place in la Cerdanya; we fly over the Pyrenees reaching the 4000 meters altitude.

What time does the activity starts?
Depending on the time of the year, we will tell you to get up earlier or not. In summer we start the activity at 7.00am. and in winter we usually meet at 9.00am.

We always fly early in the morning because it is when there are the best conditions to fly. The winds are usually lighter in the morning and we avoid the thermal generated by the sun heat during the central hours of the day.

How long is the balloon flight?
The discovery hot air balloon flight lasts all morning: the balloon has to be prepared with the collaboration of everybody and we fly for an hour and a half, approximately. Once we land, we go for a proper brunch and, finally, you receive the flight certificate that proves your hot air balloon flight. The crossing hot air balloon flight is longer as we fly during three hours, approximately.

Where do we meet?
Each region has its meeting point. Once you decide where you want to fly, we will inform you about the meeting point.

Do we know where we are going to land? How do we get back to the starting point?
When participating in a hot air balloon flight we know the starting point but the landing point remains unknown. The hot air balloon flies at the same direction as the wind. The wind will guide us and a vehicle will come at the landing site, will pick us up and we will come back to the initial point.

When are hot air balloons not able to fly?
Hot air balloon flights will take place only if the weather conditions are optimal. Too much wind, poor visibility or rain would make us postpone the flight.

Can I fly during the week?
Hot air balloon flights usually take place on weekends. However, if you get to form a group of 4 people minimum, we can fly anytime you want.

Can I give a hot air balloon flight as a gift?
If you want to make an original gift, keep it simple: you just have to contact us and tell us to whom you want to give the gift to. Then, we will send him a beautiful personalized leaflet that will give him clues until he discovers the great surprise: a hot air balloon flight as a gift! We send the leaflet in a box that does not have any type of cost and we are able to send it in 24 hours.

How much does a hot air balloon flight cost?
Each flight modality has a different price. The discovery hot air balloon flight costs 160€ and the crossing hot air balloon flight costs 300€. The price includes the activity, the brunch and the insurance.

How do I book?
Bookings can be taken on-line on the website or you can telephone us.

To book on-line:

  1. You first have to acquire the tickets through the button “buy the tickets” and you will receive a code.
  2. With this purchase code you are able to book the day and place that you prefer through the button “book”.
  3. Before 24 hours you will receive the confirmation of your booking via e-mail or telephone, in case of not having e-mail.

If you prefer, you can make your booking over the telephone.
Telephone us on 609 760 005.


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