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Hot air balloon flights.
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Hot air balloon flights

Booking and payment
The booking process of hot air balloon flights can be completed online in the website or over the telephone: +34 609760005 or +34 689972202.

For further information related to the purchase of the tickets or to the booking, please contact us on +34 609760005, +34 689972202 or email us at

To book the flight you must buy the tickets. When buying the tickets, you will be told your reference number. You will need it to complete your booking. You will also receive an invoice that will serve as proof of payment.

We offer two ways of payment:

  1. If you participate on the activity you can a deposit 40€ per person at the time of buying the ticket and pay the rest the day of the activity. Alternatively, you can pay everything.
  2. In the case it is a gift, it must be paid 100% when buying the tickets as the buyer will probably not be present the day of the activity.

The box gift, has an additional cost of 10 € as a transport concept. The company contracted is MRW and it is a 24h delivery service.

The tickets are valid one year from the purchase date. Once the period has expired and if the booking has not been made yet, the ticket will lose its validity and the money will not be returned.

The booking will not be completed until the time Globubolg confirms you the day of the activity via email or fax in a maximum period of 24h.

Duration and content
The duration of the flight is approximately 75 minutes. The activity however, has an estimated duration of 4-5 hours. This includes the preparation of the flight (inflate and set the hot air balloon), the flight, collection of the balloon, transport in 4x4 to the initial point and brunch in a restaurant of the region where the participants will receive a personalized flight certificate.

Modification of the duration and cancellation
The activity of flying in a hot air balloon is subject to the weather conditions. That is why the pilot has the authority to modify the route, the duration of the flight and/or to cancel the activity is the weather requires it. In the case the activity is cancelled, there is the possibility to schedule the flight again without any cost and in a period of a year from the cancellation date. The money from the first payment will not be returned. 

Date changes will only be possible up to the five days before the flight. If the change is carried out during these last five days, there will be an economic penalization of 25% of the flight price.

Basic Embarkation Rules
Before ascending the pilot will explain the security rules and will give more advices during the flight. At all times, the passenger will have to carry out and obey these advices and rules established by the pilot.

The passenger can be asked to help at the time of preparing the flight and collecting the hot air balloon. 

It is advisable to wear comfortable and sport clothes. It is also advisable to wear cap, sunglasses as well as camera or video.

The pilot has the right to refuse the participation of any passenger if, according to his criteria, he represents a danger. People under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult or must bring a written authorization on his parents or tutor side.

The activity is not recommended during pregnancy neither to people with serious problems of mobility.

All hot air balloons used by Globubolg accomplish with the periodic inspections by the direcció General d’Aviació Espanyola and fulfill all the necessary rules so as to be able to carry out the activity. 

Insurance and civil responsibility
The price of the activity includes an insurance of civil responsibility of the passenger (Fiatc policy 68/2177) that covers the development of this activity.

All Globubolg pilots are professionals and have the required qualifications according to the rules established by the Autoritat Aeronàutica (air force authorities) so as to carry out the activity.

In the case of necessity, we reserve the right of subcontracting hot air balloons from other companies, ensuring that these companies fulfill the legal requirements established by the Direcció General d’Aviació Civil Espanyola.


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